From our private, group, and competitive swim lessons to our group fitness classes and training, the Machine Performance Center prides itself on creating a nurturing environment for all clients. Our swim instructors establish personal, safe, and positive swim classes for all ages, and we pride ourselves on our attention to the needs of all our swimmers. Inside our group fitness classes, you'll find the best instructors teaching yoga, TRX, POUND, and more.


Here are a few words from some of our clients:

My daughter had a negative swimming experience in a group class that scared her, and she refused to get into the water for some time. I searched around, and when I found Machine, I decided to try again. The difference between that first and second experience were night and day. The positive and nurturing environment at Machine was exactly what she needed. Now, she swims successfully on the summer swim team, and I also have her two brothers (ages 4 and 2) in swim class at Machine, too. It's incredible peace of mind to know my children have strong swimming foundation.

-The B Family  


We have been here for four lessons now and it is a great place. The first time we came to check it out the owner let us in and showed us around even though they weren't technically open, which was great! My 6 year old is fearful of the water and the teachers are wonderful with him. Lessons are available during the weekend and easy to schedule. My son has made more progress here than in two years of trying the county rec center classes. The people here really care about the kids and their progress and the service definitely makes a difference. The small lap pools are also perfect for little ones and less intimidating for them than the big, noisy county rec centers. Love it here!!

-The J Family via Yelp


It is very rare for me to write a review of a business, it is even rarer for me to give 5 stars. However, I think when businesses go out of their way to make their customers happy, they deserve recognition. My son started at Machine Aquatics at 3 years old with a wonderful instructor named Claire. My son is probably the most cautious three year old you have ever met and it takes him time to get comfortable. Claire was patient and kind with him and got him to trust her. He went from being scared of getting off the side of the pool to jumping right into her arms, submerging his head into the water, and coming out smiling. When Claire left her position as instructor, I was nervous about how my son would react to her replacement. The new instructor was not as patient as Claire and my son's tepidness caused her to basically give up on him. My son ended up spending most of the class playing with toys on the sidelines while the other kids were learning to swim. I brought my concerns to Brett, the Operations Manager, and he agreed that my son was doing much better with Claire than with her replacement. He promised he would look into a solution for me. A few days later he called me along with the school's manager, Nancy Monaghan. They both expressed their commitment to finding the best fit for my son. They told me that they contacted Claire and asked her about her methods and how she got my son to do so well. They then moved my son to another class with an instructor who was more similar to Claire. They also said they arranged for a meeting between Claire and this new instructor so that Claire could give the new instructor tips on how to approach my son. They also offered to allow my son to attend both the new and the old class so he would have as much exposure to the water as possible. In addition, they were going to suspend my payments until they were sure that the new arrangement was working for my son. We haven't gone to a lesson yet with the new instructor, so I don't know if it will work out. However, I was so overwhelmed by their efforts to make sure that my son learned how to swim in the most effective way and that the method was tailored to his specific needs. As a mom, I can't begin to express how much I appreciate that kind of effort being exerted to help my son thrive. Businesses like this deserve to be recognized. We waited over 6 months to get a spot in one of the Machine Aquatics Swim classes, now I understand why this place is in such high demand. If you want your kids to, not only learn how to swim, but also love the water, there is no better place than Machine Aquatics Swim School. 

-The R Family via Yelp