Why Should My Child Swim Year Round?

Swimming isn’t just for the summer! Many of our swimmers swim year round. We encourage year-round swimming for tons of reasons!

  1. Children are developing rapidly. They need to tweak their technique along with their growing bodies.
  2. Practice makes perfect! The more frequently kids swim, the quicker they learn.
  3. Increase stamina!
  4. Swimming is great exercise. Swimming is low impact, so it’s good on joints, and it’s a great cardio and strength-training workout!
  5. Swimming is the only sport that will save your child’s life. We believe in building strong swimmers, and we’re passionate about safe swimming. The more often a child swims, the more comfortable he/she is in the water.

Can you believe the pools open for the summer in five months? Even though there is snow on the ground, the summer will be here before we know it. Don’t spend another summer at the pool with kids who can’t swim. Enroll in lessons now to start building that foundation. The pool is more fun – and a safer experience – when kids can swim.

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