Make-up Policy

Make-up Policy

What is a make-up lesson?

At Machine Swim School, we understand that life happens.  To demonstrate our commitment to offering the best customer service around, we will now offer make-ups for group lessons.  Make-up lessons can only be scheduled in open class spots.  Swimmers currently enrolled in a class will be allowed one make-up lesson per month, to be scheduled at a later date.

How do I qualify for a make-up lesson?

Make-up lessons will be granted to any swimmer who cancels their lesson as early as one week in advance, and no later than 30 minutes prior to their lesson.  Submissions must be made by phone or our Early Class Cancellation Portal.  Requests will be time stamped and not accepted outside of the allotted time frame. Our policy maintains that classes will meet at least four times in a month (eight for twice per week).  Any months containing additional classes are not eligible for make-up lessons.

How do I schedule my make-up lesson?

Early Class Cancellations that have been submitted and approved will be added to the swimmer’s account.  When the swimmer is ready to use a make-up class, requests may be made over phone or our Make-up Lesson PortalMake-up lesson requests may not be submitted earlier than one week before the requested time, and cannot be redeemed until after the missed class.  Make-up lessons may be accumulated, but are not valid after withdrawal from swim school. Clients may schedule no more than two make-up lessons in a weekMissed or cancelled make-up lessons will not be rescheduled. Once scheduled, the make-up lesson will be considered redeemed. 

What if I can’t find something that works with our schedule? 

With busy schedules and our group lessons in high demand, it may be difficult to find a spot throughout the week to redeem your make-up lesson.  In this event, make-up lessons may be exchanged for admission to our Family Open Swims.

How long are make-up lessons redeemable? 

Make-up lessons are available to use for the duration of your enrollment at Machine Swim School.  They will only expire after withdrawal from classes and cancellation of autopay.  Make-up lessons given for Swim School closings (weather-related or otherwise) will not expire.

Can I be refunded for a missed class or accumulated make-up lessons?

Unfortunately, due to set operational expenses we will not be able to prorate or refund missed lessons or accumulated make-ups.

Are make-up lessons available for private lessons or Mighty Mechanics?

Unfortunately, make-up lessons are not permitted for missed private lessons or Mighty Mechanics.