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Hatha Flow Yoga

Hatha is a traditional style of yoga that uses foundational poses and breathing techniques to promote balance of the opposites. Hatha is a Sanskrit word meaning sun (ha) and moon (tha) and signifies the many opposites that yoga helps to balance in the mind and body. Poses will be held for several breaths and modifications […]

TRX for Teen Athletes

A balanced swimming program should include posterior chain exercises as well as flexibility and mobility work to counteract tight hips and chest. The TRX Suspension Trainer serves as a great tool, especially for swimming, because it requires you to constantly stabilize your body in an unstable environment. This fast-paced, high intensity training class pushes our […]


This mobility and core-focused workout combines yoga-inspired movements on the TRX Suspension Trainer with more traditional strength, stability and flexibility exercises. The Suspension Trainer provides added leverage for more advanced participants to push deeper while also providing greater stability for less mobile or strong participants. A joint-by-joint approach seamlessly blends these approaches into flowing postures […]