about machine


In fall 2017, Machine Performance Center opened it's doors to the public in downtown Vienna, VA.  Expanding upon the success of Machine Swim School (opened in 2012), Machine Performance Center continues to offer swim lessons for all ages and ability levels.  The 2017 expansion has also brought many new additions to Machine including a fitness studio, gym, PT Solutions Physical Therapy, and a 25 yard pool.  Group swim lessons, private lessons, fitness classes, and triathlon training are offered throughout the week.

The goal of Machine Performance Center is to provide the "best of the best" to the community.  From state-of-the-art swim technology to boutique fitness classes and industry-leading physical therapy,  we are constantly looking to meet the demands of our athletes.  We also know the importance of providing a relaxed, nurturing, and safe environment for our youngest clients to develop a love for swimming.  Furthermore, we strive to create a family-oriented environment, offering birthday parties, community nights, and seminars.